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Or use this link: Gilchrist, Susan. (2020): "Reflection and Order of Service for the Transgender Day of Remembrance:  20 November 2020": 



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Transgender people are people whose gender identity does not fully correspond to that expected by their biological sex. This is an umbrella term which can be expressed in different ways. Transsexuals can be regarded as transgender people who completely identify with the gender which is opposite to that which is expected by their biological sex. Gender reassignment is often urgently sought. However it should be noted that gender reassignment is not considered to be change either in gender identity or in biological sex: instead it is regarded as an action required to conform to a fundamental sense of personality and identity which was always incorrect. As it is only this search for identity, no other behavioural implications are involved.


Gender and sexual variant people are fellow travellers in their interaction with societies, and the same conflict dynamics occur. However being transgender is not an indication of sexual orientation. As wide a range of sexual orientations are found amongst transgender people as those which are found in society at large.


These resources uses the terms transgender and transsexual because of their common use. More precise definitions are often advocated by transgender people.


For some statistics on transgender discrimination see


Stonewall/YouGov (2018): “LGBT in Britain - Trans Report” 

also Stonewall/Cambridge University (2017): “School Report (2017)”:

and for information to 2012:



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Susan Gilchrist 17 October 2019